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Year / 2019

“Update the classics”

時代を超え永遠に残り続ける”定番”と呼ばれる製品に敬意を払い、アンノウンプロダクツなりの解釈を加えて制作されるシリーズ。作者不明であろうと丁寧な仕事が施された良質なものは時代を超え普遍的なものとなり存在し続けていきます。このシリーズはその様な製品たちを咀嚼し新たな定番としを生み出そうという試みです。A line of products which provide a modern twist to products that have been labeled as “basics” through the ages. Whether the author is unknown or not, good quality work that was carefully worked will become a universal one beyond the times and will exist.We would like to create such products. This series is an attempt to think and understand such products and create a new standard.

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