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Year / 2013

“Leather reproduction of the bag in the street”

本シリーズの原点でもあるLeather Paper Bag(レザーペーパーバッグ)は、日本の女性がブランド品の紙袋を使い回しているシーンから着想を得たもので、紙袋を使い回すよりも、”革で作られた紙袋”を永く愛用してほしいという想いから製作されました。

このシリーズは2013年よりYUYATAKATEの中で発表を開始し、2019年よりUNKNOWN PRODUCTSが引き継ぎ発表を行っており、10年以上デザインを変える事なく定番品として製作され続けています。

his series is based on the concept of reproducing in leather things that everyone has seen on the street at least once.
The Leather Paper Bag, the starting point of this series, was inspired by the scene of Japanese women using brand-name paper bags. The bag was created with the hope that people will use "paper bags made of leather" for a long time rather than using paper bags over and over again.
This is also one of the manifestations of Unknown Products' intention of sustainability.This series has been presented in YUYATAKATE since 2013, and UNKNOWN PRODUCTS has taken over the presentation since 2019, and has continued to be produced as a standard product for over 10 years without changing the design.

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