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Photo : Genki Nishikawa
Styling : Junya Chino
Hair & Make-up : Shinya Kumazaki

Model : Mariana Kato


“Leather reproduction of the bag in the street.” since2013A line of products that recreates bags frequently seen on the street. We regard all containers that hold objects as bags, and have reconstructed them using leather. 
Rather than using paper bags over and over again, we want people to use "paper bags made of leather" for a long time.
This is one of the statements of sustainability that UNKNOWN PRODUCTS considers. This series was announced as a series of YUYATA KATE since 2013, and has been announced by UNKNOWN PRODUCTS since 2019.


“Reconstruction of Japanese style” since 2019

A series of products which provide a modern twist to the culture, style, and tradition of Japan, where UNKNOWN PRODUCTS’ roots lie. This series was born from the desire to teach and spread Japanese tradition and culture through these products.
We hope that through our products, Japanese people will re-recognize the wonders of Japan and that overseas people will have an opportunity to know about Japan.

“A moment in the process” since 2020
A series focused on the process of manufacturing. Some items may not be announced due to process limitations or simple failures in the manufacturing process. We think that they are failures from a certain point of view, and it will be interesting if you change the point of view. This series is an attempt to create new value by creating attractive products that make use of such attractive failures.

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